Arapahoe County ARES Monthly Meeting -- Next meeting planned for Thursday, October 14th at 19:00 hours. This will be an in person meeting. NOTE NEW START TIME -- DETAILS IN EMAIL AND ONLINE --

Meeting this Thursday, May 12, 1900 at the ESC on the Southeast corner of Yosemite and Union. A lot of our folks will be up at Hamcon so this will be an open or Administrative meeting. The focus will be the attached sheet which is my attempt at gathering your input on problems you see and suggestions you have. I created the forms are a result of the many e-mails I have received since the announcement of my appointment as EC. In most cases I had to play 20 questions via e-mail to pull information out of the sender and figure out what his/her suggestion or concern is. To save an enormous amount of time I created the attached forms and ask you to fill them out with your suggestion or concern. For the meeting we will devote as much time as possible to the suggestions/concerns that are brought in that night or sent to me beforehand. This will not be a free for all. If you have a suggestion/concern you will be expected to write it down on the attached, If you are not willing to write it down it will not be entertained at the meeting as we simply do not have the time to play 20 questions. If you are serious, write it down in the attached format and let's have an adult discussion about it. The documents mentioned can be downloaded here: MSWORD format and PDF format,