Arapahoe County ARES Monthly Meeting -- Next meeting planned for Thursday, October 14th at 19:00 hours. This will be an in person meeting. NOTE NEW START TIME -- DETAILS IN EMAIL AND ONLINE --

We ensured  ACARES members were trained and updated on the ICS programs:  (100, 200, 700 and 800) for 2020 and continue to take other courses to learn new skill sets so we can offer support to our served agencies.

This year, with the COVID issues, require that ACARES conduct business through the use of Google Meets for our monthly meetings.  The Training and Planning committee have developed an exercise and training agenda for the remainder of the year.   A recap of the training schedule follows.  However, the following training is subject to change as conditions may require.

June 20th, 0900 to 1200, 19 ACARES members participated in Operation Down Pour, which was a simulated weather exercise.  Five members took to the road to evaluate simulated flooding, car accidents and downed power lines.  As EC, I greatly appreciated a number of folks who volunteered to be net control or our scribe.  A number of our members, having never done either, stepped up to handle the task and did an excellent job.  This is a great example of how to improve your skills during training.  

July will have Operation Looking Glass.  ACARES and other ARES members will be invited to participate.

August has a Shelter exercise -Operation Bug out.  ACARES and other ARES members will be invited to participate.

September will have a Medical/Hospital Exercise, ACARES member only

October there is a SET Exercise, based on PODS.  Operation Get Well will include both ACARES and other ARES members.

November there is a winter weather exercise, Operation Snowman, ACARES members only.

December-Overview of AAR/Debriefs of exercises we conducted in 2020 and plan for 2021

We will continue to strive for excellence in emergency communication.  

Peter Meer

It has been a very successful year for Arapahoe County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (Region 1, District 2). Here are some of our accomplishments for 2019.

1. The Arapahoe County Fair, our major event each year, provided all of us the opportunity to practice our radio skills while assisting the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office and the Fair staff.  Over 600 hours spread over 4 1/2 days of volunteer time helped assure the success of the Fair.  We received assistance from Denver and Adams County ARES as well as OMEGA (thank you to each of them for their assistance during the Fair)

2. In September we worked with Denver County ARES on Operation AirSmack.  A dozen of Arapahoe County ARES members participated in this Simulated Emergency Test (SET) staged in Denver's City Park.  Working with the National Association of Emergency Room Physicians, members provided radio communications between the Headquarters and the five different locations within the park.

3. Our leadership team, listed below, has done an outstanding job.  The team includes the following:

  • Dan NØPUF, Operations Chief
  • Alan KIØEP, Training Chief
  • John ADØPD, Planning Chief
  • Mark, KAØTPG, Logistics Chief
  • Kevin N2NWA, Administration Chief and Webmaster
  • Ben KBØUBZ Deputy Administration Chief
  • Zeke KØXK, Finance Chief
  • Mike KDØUFO, Public Information Officer and Severe Weather Coordinator
  • Dave KBØLP, Health & Safety Officer
  • Mark KD5DKQ, Liaison Chief for served agencies

4. Our current membership stands at 33 and should increase in this coming year.

5. Alan, KIØEP, has created a training program for all of our meetings January thru July of 2020.  (Thank you Alan)

6. Creation of an Arapahoe County ARES specific Task Book (thank you Ben), so all of our members can be trained and certified to be better trained ARES members 

7. We will continue our membership requirements (see the website) for attendance and participation in our efforts.

8. To increase cooperation between ARES districts, we have made it a point to make sure that neighboring districts are always welcome at our monthly meetings.

It has been a privilege to serve as the Emergency Coordinator of Arapahoe County ARES since March of 2019.  Our membership continues to show professionalism as we work with our served agencies.

I wish all of you a Happy New Year, and look forward to a great 2020.


Peter Meer KCØVAQ
Emergency Coordinator
Arapahoe County Amateur Radio Emergency Service


I am now seven months into the Emergency Coordinator position. A major objective has been to increase our training, both at the meetings as well as off site. Recently, the National Association of Emergency Room Physicians held their yearly conference in Denver. Ten members of Arapahoe County ARES participated in the Operation AirSmack exercise on November 9th, a culmination of this conference. The event was held in Denver's City Park with the scenario of two small aircraft colliding over the park with injures to plane passengers as well as people in the park. Simulated injuries were given to volunteers so the physicians could treat them. The event coordinator was delighted with the ability of ARES to communicate to the five stations around Ferrell lake as well as to communicate with the headquarters. This exercise ranks as one of the best training events I have attended in many years. We will continue to look for other opportunities to practice our radio skills as well continuing to work with our ARES neighbors as opportunities arise.

Within the next several weeks, we will publish a training schedule for our monthly meetings thru June of next year. I anticipate the training will include out of class room experiences. In order to be prepared for emergency communication we must continue to educate ourselves as well as practice our radio skills.

I have advised the Denver and Adams County ARES groups that they will be welcomed at our training sessions. This serves to further unite area metro ARES districts and increase our ability to work together as a team.


Peter Meer, KCØVAQ
Emergency Coordinator
Arapahoe County Amateur Radio Emergency Service