ACARES Monthly Meeting -- January 9th at 7:00pm -- Cherry Creek Schools Educational Services Center

Hello Folks,

November meeting is this Thursday, the 10th. The subject will be on ATV and the presenter will be Matt Holiday from BCARES. I am looking forward to Matts presentation and learning more about ATV!

December meeting will be split topics, on Packet/Winlink and Net Control.

I am putting together 2 lists based on the questions below:

  1.     Let me know if you have a TNC, cable, and radio but need help setting it all up.
  2.     Also let me know if you have no equipment but would like help determining what you need.

I anticipate to address both topics above independent of each other.

11/09 - Tri-County Health. KD0UFO and I will be participating in their yearly MRC Partner session to talk about what ACARES can do for them, learn about their other partner agencies, and also a chance to check out the antennas and any other equipment they have. I will report back on what we learn.

11/15 - City of Aurora Drill 0830 to 1630. I have 1 1/2 people for Aurora Dispatch and 1 for the EOC we could probably use 1 additional person at each site if you are available.

11/20 - ACSO Dispatch we will be testing the Winlink/Packet setup for those who would like to participate. Space i limited to let WA9TCD know ASAP if you'd like to participate.

73 de KD5DKQ

As a former EMT/Firefighter I had friends of friends who were directly impacted by 09/11. One of my mentors in the Fire Service did a "ride along" with an NYFD Battalion Chief he knew just weeks before. Had his "ride along" been a few weeks later I would have lost a close and dear friend. Who knew? The morning of 09/11 I was getting ready for church and had gotten up early so I could call my Father and wish him a Happy Birthday. He and I had a very somber conversation and were horrified as we both watched the second plane impact on live national TV. Not the conversation I wanted to have with him that day. We both agreed that my birthday wish for him next year would be much better. Two months later my father passed away unexpectedly.

During our weekly net this morning our EC at the time, Ben Baker, KB0UBZ, told us a little about the impact that event had on Arapahoe County Amateur Radio Emergency Service. I asked him to elaborate on the events of the day and have posted them to our homepage. A must read! It underscores our need to be ready even if the event is thousands of miles away. We have seen this time and time again. One of our own, Kevin Erickson, N2NWA, just got back from working with the Red Cross in Louisiana assisting with the recent floods and subsequent recovery. It also underscores our need to be prepared. Make sure our family is prepared and ready so that we can help out. Be prepared ourselves so that we can help out wherever needed doing whatever is needed. As Ben points out, not everything Arapahoe A.R.E.S. members did as a result of 09/11 was communications oriented. Some drove vans and some entertained stranded travelers to name a couple of things. We also need to be flexible. There are always stories from big events where some agency has a computer problem and they start looking for "the radio guys" since they always know how to fix "things." As our former EC was fond of saying "Be A Proud ACARES Member" and as your current EC what I know is that ACARES Members are THE Professional Amateurs!

God Bless America and those who serve!

73 de KD5DKQ


The fair is here!  Please contact K0KHA or W0JEN ASAP if you have not already volunteered!

New Meeting Format 

Our August 11, 2016 meeting will follow this format:

  • 19:00-19:30 - Administrative Notes/Comments
  • 19:31-20:30 - Break out into 2 groups
    • VoIP and Ham Radio - EchoLink, IRLP, and possibly AllStar
    • Packet Radio
  • 21:31-21:00 - Closing Comments and Announcements about upcoming activities

UPDATED Meeting location is the ISF Building

Events on the Horizon that need to be on your calendars:

  1. August 28, - Golden Gran Fondo Bicycle Race
  2. September 24, - Tour de Cure, Douglas County
  3. September 10, - Emergency Preparedness Fair at Lowry (we need 3 people)
  4. September 10, - Cherry Creek Fitness