Adams-Arapahoe County ARES Monthly Meeting -- Next meeting planned for Thursday, December 9th at 19:00 hours. This meeting will be VIRTUAL ONLY using Google Meet -- DETAILS IN EMAIL AND ONLINE --

Jon Blome, the Colorado Section Emergency Coordinator has appointed Mike Curta, KDØUFO as the new Emergency Coordinator of the newly combined Adams-Arapahoe County ARES district. Here's some information about Mike:

Mike started in public service at 13y/o when he joined Civil Air Patrol.  When Mike was 14, I took a EMT Class before he was old enough to get licensed.  At the same time, he joined a Volunteer Rescue Squad in my hometown where I grew up on the Mississippi.  Mike's father had to sign a release so that he could go on emergency calls. H did a few river rescues and recoveries, responded to a couple of tornadoes, grain elevator explosions and fires etc. At about 16, Mike also joined the Police Explorers where he became Cadet Chief. After High School Mike moved to Denver in 1984 and took his EMT Training for real a year later at the Swedish Hospital Paramedic Education Center. Shortly after that Mike joined Ambulance Service Company (ASC) the largest Ambulance in the state and spent most of my 10 years on the streets on a 911 First Response Ambulance in Downtown Denver, Wheat Ridge and Arvada, where Mike and Erick Bettinger were based at the same station for a year or so. After a back injury, Mike moved on from the ambulance to IT/IS for a cable/internet provider where he has been for over 21 years.  Mike have kept involved by staying active in ARES for the last 12 years or so and holds ICS Certs ICS-100, ICS-200. ICS-300, IS-700, IS-800, NIMS, OPSEC, and EOC Ops. Mike is an S-158 Wildland Fire RADO and has sat on the E I-70 Public Safety Group for several years. Mike is a Certified Drone Pilot and AMA Drone Instructor and fly fixed wing as well. Mike has spent the past 25+ years in Public Safety and have led a successful Non-Profit in the past.

Welcome Mike!!!

This past weekend, Arapahoe County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) showed how prepared we are for responding to our served agencies. The Arapahoe County Office of Emergency Management as well as the Aurora Office of Emergency Management utilized reports from our radio operators to assist in handling the fourth largest winter storm in the metro area history. Our nineteen volunteers, operating from their home stations, provided up-to-date information including: snow fall amounts, visibility, wind speed, temperature, and road conditions.That information was used by the City of Aurora and Arapahoe County to help dispatch appropriate equipment to specific geographic areas.

Arapahoe County ARES was on standby beginning Saturday, March 13th for ten (10) hours. On Sunday, we were active from 09:30 hours to 1800 hours. There was cooperation with our neighboring (Jefferson, Denver, Douglas/Elbert, Boulder, and Adams) counties. Our efforts are really what Amateur Radio and ARES is all about. We believe that we had over 300 volunteer hours of assistance, allowing our served agencies to more effectively handle such disaster as we saw this weekend.

As Emergency Coordinator for Arapahoe County ARES, I am extremely proud of the help we provided. Thank you to all our members who participated. Special thanks to: Mike Curta, KDØUFO, Severe Weather Coordinator, Ben Baker, KBØUBZ, Operations Section Chief, Randy Councell, NOØEM, Training Officer and Liaison Officer, John Nanny, ADØPD, Planning Section Chief, and Alan Bieber, KIØEP, Deputy Training Officer.

Working with Arapahoe County Amateur Radio Emergency Service and all the outstanding members remains a privilege for me.

Respectfully submitted,

Peter Meer, KCØVAQ
Emergency Coordinator
Arapahoe County Amateur Radio Services

This year has proved to be a challenge due to the pandemic. But thanks to my team, we have met this challenge and still accomplished much in 2020. Here are just some of the things my team and I have accomplished:

  • - We have successfully moved from in-person meetings to virtual meetings using Google Meet. Until the COVID-19 issue is resolved, we will continue to meet virtually.
  • - Thanks to Randy NØOEM and Alan KIØEP, we now have great training at our monthly meetings and now have monthly training exercises. Check out our Training section of this web site for full details.
  • - We anticipate having some role in the COVID-19 vaccination program. These details are not yet available.
  • - We are actively preparing for the time that we will be needed during the pandemic, no matter what the role.
  • - Through the hard work of Zeke, KØXK our Finance Section Chief, we are now an ARRL Affiliated Club! We are one of the few ARES organizations in Colorado that have this honor.
  • - We are one of the first ARES districts in the state to have developed a Position Task Book. This Task Book is specific to Arapahoe County ARES and gives the members the requirements for training and improvement
  • - Arapahoe County ARES has developed membership requirements. We value each member's participation but we also know that not everyone can give time to the district.
    • + Active - Members who have taken the 4 required ICS courses as well as participated in monthly meetings, training exercises and nets
    • + Reserve  - Members who still want to participate but because of other obligations cannot fully participate
    • + Youth - We have a number of young members who want to participate but because of their age, cannot participate unless accompanied by a parent
    • + Emeritus - There are members who have been active members for at least 5 years but now cannot fully participate but still which to be members.
  • - I feel that disasters do not have borders and as such, we need to know how to work with other districts. Because of this, I have invited other districts to join us during our monthly meetings and participate in our monthly exercises. This make us unique in the Colorado Section.
  • - For the first time, we have kept all of our members from 2020. I thank all 34 of you for continuing to provide service to our community.
  • - All members have signed up for the Colorado Volunteer Mobilizer (CVM) program. This will give us a state identifiable identification card in addition to our Arapahoe County ARES identification card.

For those radio operators that are not currently connected to an ARES group, please consider joining Arapahoe County ARES. We strive to be the best emergency communications group in the state.


Peter Meer, KCØVAQ
Emergency Coordinator
Arapahoe County ARES