ACARES Monthly Meeting -- Next meeting planned for December 10th at 19:00 hours -- NOTE: THIS WILL BE AN ONLINE MEETING USING GOOGLE MEET...DETAILS IN EMAIL AND ONLINE --

 Here is the upcoming training and exercise meeting schedule for the 2020 calendar year:                                                           Updated December 5th 2020

  • January 9:         Winter Net Training. Presented by John, ADØPD
  • February 13:     Winter Go Bags. Presented by Ben, KBØUBZ and the Yaesu Fusion system, presented by Mark, KA0TPG
  • March 12:         ICS Forms. Presented by Randy, N0OEM (Meeting Cancelled - COVID)
  • April 9:             Ham Software. Presented by Mark, KD5DKQ
  • May 14:            AuxComm. Presented by Emit Hurdelbrink, WØUAW
  • June 11:           Arapahoe County OEM Nate Fogg - COVID 19 and (Summer Weather Exercise on June 20)
  • July 9:              Damage Assessment -  Presented by Randy, N0OEM and (Damage Assessment Exercise on July 19)
  • August 13:      Shelter and Communications -  NØOEM, KIØEP, KBØUBZ, KBØLP and (Shelter Exercise on August 29)
  • September 10: National Traffic System (NTS) & Medical/Hospital Communications - KBØUBZ 
  • September 16: ICS refresher & updates - Make up from cancelled March training - Presented by ACARES Staff  
  • October 3:       (Colorado ARES Statewide SET from 8am-12pm)
  • October 8:       Fusion Communications -  Presented by KEØDC & WØSUN
  • November 12:  DMR & WinLink Communications - Presented by KEODC & KIOEP
  • November 14   (Red Cross EMCOMM Exercise - Nationwide)
  • December 5:    (SkyWarn Recognition Day 2020 - Nationwide)
  • December 10:  Training on the ACSO Command Post & 2020 Review of Exercises & Training - Presented by ACARES Staff

How to Use COTRAIN, the Colorado state training web site:

  1. Browse to
  2. If you do not have a COTRAIN account, click on the Create an Account button; if you have an account, log in and skip to step 5
  3. When the COTRAIN Create Account page appears, fill in the fields as directed and click Create Account
  4. Log in using your new user name and password
  5. To check what courses COTRAIN has on file for you, click YOUR LEARNING and then click on the Your Transcript tab
  6. To see what courses are available for you to take, click on COURSE CATALOG
  7. Type ICS in the search window and click on the magnifying glass icon to search for ICS related courses; you can search for specific courses by listing them in the search window, for example, ICS-100 will give a listing of all the ICS-100 courses available (we want the current updated ICS 100, 200, 700 & 800 Courses)
  8. For more information on how to use COTRAIN, click on HELP; the COTRAIN Tutorials are very good resources
  9. Make sure to add your COTRAIN login to your Colorado Volunteer Mobilizer (CVM) profile to automatically retrieve your courses for purpose of updating your credentials.


(All monthly training/meetings are being held on Google Meet at 1900 hours - until further notice)