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Aurora Repeater Association

The Aurora Repeater Association's mission is to provide repeater service for the Denver, Colorado area. We also strive to provide education for new and not so new Amateur Radio Operators alike.

Denver Radio League

The Denver Radio League (DRL) is a nonprofit, amateur radio group that operates and maintain 3 repeaters serving the Denver Metro area.


They are a ham radio group that prides itself in finding new ways to advance the art and science of amateur radio in the Colorado Front Range. We have technically skilled people in the business with several hundred years of combined knowledge on almost any topic you might encounter. Their website is

Projects in the Development - 2021 & 2022

East I-70 Corridor FOG/Shelter Plan - A guide to operating when deployed to East I-70 Corridor to assist with other jurisdictions, agencies and ARES groups during a variety of conditions or incidents. Randy Councell, NØOEM is the State ARES I-70 corridor Liaison and John Nanney, ADØPD is Deputy Coordinator for Adams-Arapahoe County ARES.

ARES Emergency Response and Operations Manual - This includes all of the information an ARES member will when Planning, Preparation, Responding and Recovery to an incident or deployment to be working in the field with one of our served agencies or other ARES groups. This booklet will include all the information as a guide for ARES members needs, to include, Incident Command (ICS) forms, ICS Guidelines, ICS Positions/Tasks, WINLINK operations and Communication Plans. Including Weather activation and reporting protocols. Preparing the necessary Go Kits for deployment.

Dispatch/Communications Guide - Field Operations Guides (FOG) for the various dispatch centers (PSAP/911), and emergency operation centers (EOC) and command vehicles (CP) an annex in the guide above. To include a list of Tactical Call signs for Critical Key Infrastructure (CKI) sites. identify locations for radio reporting or spotting operations.

Map Book/Infrastructure - Adams-Arapahoe County ARES map book that the entire group can utilize and carry when working with our served agencies and surrounding areas. Including the ARES Zone Map. List of Critical Key Infrastructure (CKI). Including data for the CKI sites obtained on the ARES Site Survey Form. List of major highway and interstate highways in the County. There are digital options available, but not everyone has access to these resources in the field, having something we can carry as a guide.

Hazardous Sites - As an annex to the Map book, make a list that can be identified on a map of all hazardous locations (All Hazards Approach) and index of listed sites. Identified the areas where weather related or other disasters can impede traffic flow, evacuation routes or create hazardous situations. Having a list of these hazardous locations we can better respond to the requests of our served agencies for monitoring these locations, as well as keeping our own members safe at home or deployment.

If you are interested in helping with any of these projects or have ideas for other project(s), please contact Operations, Planning or Training Section Chiefs



Weather Related Infomration

Net Controls Needed

We are always looking for Net Controls so please volunteer! It’s a great experience and easy to do. We can coach you through it at your place or you are welcome to go to another members home and use their equipment. For more information please email the Operations Officer.