Adams-Arapahoe County ARES ALERT STATUS: Normal (Alert 0) Monthly Meeting -- Next membership meeting planned for Thursday, April 11, 2024 at 17:30 hours.-- DETAILS IN EMAIL AND ONLINE --

After 9/11, I wanted to be able to help if  we were attacked again.  In 2005, I connected with Tim Armagost, WBØTUB, SK, the brother of a vendor I use in my property management business.  I have always had an interest in ham radio and pursed it through Tim and ACARES.  I firmly believe that if  “regular” communication (cell phones, etc.) fail our mutual abilities on radio would be of great value.  Since 2005, I have participated in many radio events: Arapahoe County Fair (yearly),  Cherry Creek Schools Fitness day (I coordinated it twice), MS 150 Bike Tour (several times) and a variety of other radio events for the last 14 years.  Two years ago Mark Boddy appointed me as Planning Chief. Last year I took on Training as well.  I greatly enjoy the group and love working radio.  I only work half days (I own my business), which gives me the time to work on ACARES.  I would like to contribute more to the group then the two previous positions provided.

For the future, I would like to see more consistent training doing as much hands on as possible.  In order to provide service to the various groups we support, we must be:  available, well trained and committed to our mission.  We need to seek as much involvement as our members are willing to provide.  A greater emphasis should be placed on showing the public what we can do.  Since there are so many things we could do, I will need some time to figure that one out.

A personal thank you to Mark Boddy, KD5DKQ for his strong recommendation for the appointment.  Additionally a special thank you to Ben Baker, KBØUBZ who has been my ELMER since day one in 2005.  His support in seeking the EC position was a critical part of my decision.

Peter Meer KCØVAQ
Emergency Coordinator
Arapahoe County Amateur Radio Emergency Service